ZBG.COM will list IZIChain (IZI) on July 5, 2019 (Rewarding a lot of token)

We are pleased to announce that IZIChain (IZI) will be listed on ZBG.

ZBG will open IZI/ZT and IZI/USDT trading pairs 05/07/2019 21:00 (HKT). 
To welcome this day IZIChain will organize two events:
1) Prizes for members opening accounts;

2) Prizes for trading competition.

🔥 Join the Account opening event at ZBG.com (Reward: 50 IZI / user)!

Application time: from July 3 to July 30

Rewards will be paid after 2 weeks of event end and will be locked within 45 days.

Step by Step:

1. Register account at ZBG from the referral link of IZIChain: https://www.zbg.com/newEn?recommendCode=N25uWXVJNzdtSGc=

2. Verify your account identifier at ZBG.com

3. Deposit minimum 50 USDT into account.

🔥 Join the IZIChain Trading event to receive attractive prizes (Rewarding 45,000 IZI)!

Exclusive at ZBG.com
Application time: July 5 — July 11

Try to become the BEST BUYER (Net-Purchase) during the event and the prize will belong to you!

Prize structure:

1st: 20,000 IZI
2nd: 10,000 IZI
3rd: 7,000 IZI
4th: 5,000 IZI
5th: 3,000 IZI

Users who net-purchase more than 20,000 IZI during the event will be eligible for the reward. Reward will be distributed within 2 weeks after the end of the event and will be locked within 45 days

IZIChain Overview

IZIChain is a Public Hybrid Blockchain hyperlink platform providing blockchain custom solutions for financial markets with social and real-life applications. IZIChain allows users to interact with smart contracts, participate in smart contract completion via AI and BigData mechanism, and operate blockchain-powered financial applications such as asset digitization, digital asset trading, and loan offer and transaction.Both individuals and entities may develop and provide standalone financial applications on IZIChain’s blockchain platform. IZIChain’s application: IZIChain completely change the way financial markets work by financial asset and real asset digitization on IZIChain’s blockchain platform.

IZIChain’s expected financial market consists of two main components:

  • Financial asset market: equity securities, fixed-income securities, fund stocks and payment instruments.
  • Tangible and intangible asset market: commodity, real estate, equipment and machinery with other tangible assets such as business idea, technology license, brand…

Find out more information about IZIChain:

Website• Telegram • Medium • Facebook • Twitter • LinkedIn • GitHub


Since it’s an innovative investment product, the price of digital asset fluctuates widely. As a neutral trading platform, ZBG is founded to provide convenience for digital asset enthusiasts only, and won’t assume any guarantee or compensation for the investment value of digital asset. Please make a rational judgment on your ability to invest and take cautious investment decisions.

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ZBG Team 03/07/2019