IZIChain Bonus Program


Join the IZIChain Bonus Program and earn your Bonus in IZI Tokens!

1. Get 50 IZI for Sign Up and KYC:

Step 1: Sgin Up, see details: https://www.izichain.network/guide/account-registration-instructions-on-izichain.html

Step 2: Your KYC, see details: https://www.izichain.network/guide/instructions-for-completing-kyc-information.html

Step 3: We will review and approve KYC. If successful you will be rewarded with 50 IZI.

2. Get 5% for every attracted referral

Step 1: Sign In and go to your dashboard on the official IZIChain website at https://www.izichain.network/signin.html. If you do not have a account, Sign Up one at https://www.izichain.network/signup.html

Step 2. On the Dashboard screen, go to the Referral section on Left Menu or go to link: https://www.izichain.network/referral.html

Step 3. Then click on the “Copy to clipboard” button to copy your unique referral link or click on the social network icon below.

Step 4. Share the link! All who will click on your unique referral link and Sign Up a account on the IZIChain website will become your referrals. Information about all referrals you attract will be displayed in the Referral section of your dashboard.

Note: Each member who creates a account will receive a unique referral link. If your personal link is used in the course of a transaction, you will receive 05% of the value of this contribution. In addition, the person carrying out the transaction will receive an additional 03% bonus.