“Digital Assets and Asset Digitization” Seminar Report

Seminar "Digital Assets and Asset Digitization" - The industrial model is changing at a vertigo speed and all of us are unable to stand out from the trend of technology era 4.0. We - IZIChain wants general benefits that the company aims to are distributed to all clients.
The threat of the US-China trade war escalating into something beyond nasty rhetoric and modestly effective tariffs for the most part has been dismissed by market participants and economists.
But the idea that the dispute could turn into something more is starting to become reality.
In this context, cryptocurrency becomes a factor supporting the international economy.
In order to keep up with the trend and to get a transparent view of clients, the seminar "Digital Assets and Asset Digitization" took place with the presentation of Dr Nguyen Khanh ToanCEO of IZIChain and Mr Phan Dung Khanh – an Expert in Financial

Sector in the last weeked has attracted many investors.
After interpreting the crypto market concepts and sharing of IZIChain project, there are so many comments from investors. In general, there are 2 aspects that are most concerned about:
1. Firstly, what is the feasibility of the project and the attention to IZIChain? Dr. Nguyen Khanh Toan said that IZI had been listed on COINEAL Exchangde - the top 10 prestigious Exchange of the world, with 7 communities in the world and would target to 1,000,000 members this year.
2. Secondly, what are the applications of IZI in the model of digitizing real estate towards digitalization of other assets? Mr. Toan said that IZIChain was a technology application tool, firstly applied to real estate in Vietnam. In the near future, IZIChain tended to global real estate and the distant future would be able to dizitize any assets. Currently IZIChain had cooperated with MCC Investment Group to deploy the realization of real estate nationwide. 
The seminar was made successful. In the opinion of many participating investors, the seminar is a new type of their expectation that needs to be made regularly in the coming time via online, offline, livestream et cetera that help people can easily attend.