We are pleased to announce the successful IEO on coineal

Dear investors and IZIChain community.
We are pleased to announce the successful IEO on coineal, with numbers beyond expectations.
- Round 1 sold out 10 million IZI within 8 minutes
- Round 2 sold out 90 million IZI within 3 days ended, 1 day earlier than planned.
Time for listing and trading on coineal with IZI / USDT pair on 6/5/2019.

During the time of selling IEO on coineal, it was relatively fast and many Vietnamese investors wished to own IZI. We will organize to sell to investors in Vietnam with sales of 20 million IZI.
Details are as follows:
Time: from 12 hours 26/4/2019 to 12 hours 5/5/2019
Sales: 20,000,000 IZI
Price: 0.1 USDT ~ 2400 VND / 1 IZI
Bonus: 15%
Apply for investors in Vietnam
The policy for investors is to borrow up to 50% of the investment value.

How to buy:
1. Visit https://www.izichain.network/dashboard.html
2. Create an account and login
3. There are two ways to buy with ETH or Buy CK Bank, with CK Bank please read the transfer instructions carefully.

Plan in the near future:
1. We have contacted and worked with coinmarketcap to be able to bring IZI up in early June
2. Launched a digitized real estate trading platform with MCCGroup in May