Notice about Bounty and Airdrop

Dear IZIChain community
We are happy to announce great information about the project:

To prepare for the launch of as well as need to synchronize the balance from many sources such as bounty, airdrop, bonus ... In addition, we also need to check the members participating in bounty and airdrop to type remove the spam members, the member has deleted the account or does not work on the group.

Application time: from July 1 to July 10, 2019

After performing the balance transfer from bounty and airdrop, we will proceed to distribute on, then you can receive your personal wallet or trade directly on

Specific steps are as follows:

1. Private investor:
Some Private investors have not created an account on the system yet. Follow these steps:
* Register account at:
* Email to [email protected] including: (UserId, Email, IZI number purchased), we will have detailed instructions to receive IZI.

2. Bounty Program: Apply to list
* Register or login account at:
* Go to: or click Transfer -> Bounty Program.
* Follow the instructions on the page. Any questions contact [email protected]

3. Airdrop Program: Apply for airdrop global group.
* Register or login account at:
* Go to:
Or click Transfer -> Airdrop Bot.
* Follow the instructions on the page. Any questions contact [email protected]

4. Enter your personal wallet address to receive IZI:
* Go to: or click My Profile -> My Wallet.
(We recommend the following wallets: MyEtherWallet, Parity, MetaMask, Mist, imToken, Trust Wallet).

5. You should turn on 2FA (Two Factor Authentication) to ensure account security.
* Go to:

6. will list IZI (IZIChain) on 14:00 on July 5 with 2 pairs:
To welcome this day we will organize two events:
* Prizes for trading competition
* Prizes for members opening accounts
The reward details will be announced on July 1, 2019



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